Politics and #TheFuture (if it’s possible)

Twitter lets us dumb our thoughts down, photography apps, particularly Instagram and Snapchat, let us reveal small visual details of our lives without any meaningful context. Even meditation is blogged about, advertised; without giving the reader the real tools to explore their consciousness. Everything is now self-serving. 

Music used to be important, back in ‘the olden days’  it wasn’t so easy to just Google hundreds of songs weekly. The cult of personality shifted from music to politics as a result, oversharing revealed itself in the carbuncle of Donald Trump, Brexit and the agenda of pretty much everyone in Los Angeles. Our oversharing has made us easy pray for targeted marketing. 

It reads like a high school essay to basically write ‘Internet=Bad’ and therefore we have to acknowledge that it’s given as much as it’s taken, but what it’s taking specifically, seems to be our attention spans, modesty and our ability to talk to another human being in the flesh.  

This type of oversharing was basically the making of Trump, we created a cartoon villain who also fed on the oxygen of negative press, knowing through his advisors how to manipulate everything to an exact social science. The Republican party reptile didn’t just measure every column in inches, he tweeted about it and used it to win.

And now he wants to thank you for it. 

Saturday Night Live and other fairly crude entertainment outlets prayed on our shortened attention span, failing to recognise that Cantaloupe Trump isn’t quite as ignorant as he comes across in speeches. If this had been the case, he would have never ran for president, he would have ran straight to E! Entertainment and become either the next Hugh Hefner or be devoted to giving impassioned speeches to ‘Make Tila Tequila Great Again’

Okay, he once wrestled Vince McMahon, but the point is: he didn’t disappear into his parents money as so many people claim, he used the ignorant perception that he was simply ignorant to win. We are forever in the grasp of these tricksters, they are locking up people like Chelsea Manning and deciding what is ‘right’ for the collective online consciousness to know.   

The newspeak of this era, has got to be the repeated empty slogans repeated ad-nauseam in order to win an argument. ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ are political memes. Slogans that are supposed to drive us to the same fever that was echoed in ‘Dig for Victory’


Any decent idea can’t be expressed in the new mediums of Twitter; everything must be 140 characters, unless you are quoting something from that’s already been said. Issues became simplified and neatly as minimalist as the apartment in American Psycho

A Capitalist Zen emerged, whose main tenants were greed and the chakras were all in the pants has emerged as a result. I know that there is a counter-movement, but isn’t it time to put ourselves on a technology detox and find a way to beat this movement on a different level?

It seems we need a middle ground between the radical far-left and the far-right;  we need to work within the system rather than try to change things as outsiders, but it seems right now; the system is already rigged.


Though they do have some good graphic designers over at occupy…and kale…

There are no easy answers, we’ve had The Occupy movement, we’ve had Street Art protests which surely worked in some Third-world countries; but it has always been on a marginal scale in the US and the UK. People understandably have zero hour contracts to attend to or vaguely comfortable jobs.  Without some kind of chaos,resulting in losses of life to rile up the people; which would be dire;

There isn’t a way to really restore the system or even an idea of what a decent system would look like anymore.

Any ideas?




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